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Sites That Teach: Filling the “Gap”

Upon cursory examination, it’s obvious that there’s no shortage of math game websites. However, most of these aren’t terribly good, inasmuch as they were not developed by those who understand the elements that drive a good game (namely, game designers).

Of the sites that were developed with the input of game designers and mathematicians or teachers, most of these are “drill” sites. That is to say, sites that hone a skill the player already possesses. Very few of these can actually teach.

So, I’ve been on a mission to discover fun math game websites that actually do just that… Teach. I’m not talking about sites that exercise the math concept children have already grasped, but sites that extend a child’s current knowledge base with respect to math.

Two teaching websites that come immediately to mind are DreamBox Learning and MangaHigh (via Prodigi). Between these two sites, they provide curriculum for grades K-3 and grades 7-11+, which leaves a gap (no curriculum) for grades 4-6.

It seems that this “gap” is almost organic, in that there is a natural division after 3rd grade and before 7th grade. Be that as it may, parents are still left to find, curriculum to fill the gap. So, I’ve been on a quest of sorts, to discover if there’s someone who provides curriculum to fill the aforementioned “gap”.

Occasionally, I find some really interesting sites, but they just don’t help fill this “gap”, so the search continues.

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